Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What to wish?

A month ago, I posted asking for some ideas of what to get my husband for his birthday. I got some great ideas. He ended up getting an Ipod. He's loving it. I bought it on Ebay and a team brought it in for us. He's got LOTS of really old Petra on it and some man reading various books of the Bible. Honestly, it kind of creeped me out to hear some strange man's voice reading scripture coming out of my computer, but he reads along in his Bible and really enjoys it.

I also learned how NOT to buy something on Ebay. See, I actually bought a used Ipod! How embarrassing! But, the memory was twice the size of the one I thought I was getting, so it worked out well.

Anyway, now it's come around to my birthday. Jeff is leaving for the states in a week and will get back right before my birthday. The problem is that I don't have the benefit of the US advertising industry to tell me what I want.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Googling, part 2

One of the most interesting things about administrating a website, or a blog, is being able to see who visits your page. When I post regularly, I get anywhere from 15-25 hits a day, a pretty pitiful amount, but they come from all over the world. I don't know how they find me or why, but folks from, literally, all over the world visit.

Some folks I do know how they find me--those who have arrived through an internet search for some topic I cover. When we first got Parker's diagnosis, my doctor told me to google the words to find more about the condition. Apparently, may other people do this, because a lot of folks have landed here through typing "hydrocephalus" or "ACC" into the search engines. I don't have anyway to find those people, all I can do is pray for them.

On the lighter side, many folks find me by doing food searches. I don't know the Canadian who's looking for a "cheddar cheese store in porto alegre." If I did, I'd tell her that the Big Hipermercado on Sertório has real imported cheddar from a dairy in England.

I wish I could email the new missionary looking for "easy recipes for missionaries in Brazil" my recipe folder.

One last question, what is a "Thug Cam" anyway? And what makes Google think I'm one?