Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Once Upon a Time - A Really Important Post

Once upon a time I had a life (outside of cooking, cleaning, kids activities, and facebook). I worked for our local Christian radio station. I had several areas of responsibility, but mostly I organized their community events. One year, my boss wanted us to have an outdoor concert of local talent. Sort of a Battle of the Bands, without the Battle part. Anyway, we solicited tapes from the community and I screened them to see who could play and sent out letters to the folks I selected. What I didn't know was that my boss had envisioned, like, 4 bands, and I (not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings) accepted 24 acts.

So, we had to lay out some ground rules--the first of which was NO SOUNDCHECKS. None! Whatsoever! NO EXCEPTIONS!

I've never seen so much angst from so many people--angst is something you see alot when you deal with divas. Experienced in diva-dealing, we stood firm. Most of them eventually got over it and performed well.

"George" did not. He broke the rule. He just couldn't stand it. He had a friend at the sound company and he weasled a soundcheck out of him.

So, 23 other people who were already mad at me got way madder.

I threw a hissyfit. (I threw a lot of hissyfits back then. I like to think I've outgrown them, but that's another post). After a series of events, I landed in a meeting with my boss, the guy, and his pastor.

We both got fussed at pretty good.

But, in the midst of the meeting, my boss said something brilliant that I will never forget. She said,

"George, what you really want in your music is something that a soundcheck can not give you. What you really want is the annointing of the Spirit of God on your voice as you sing."


How many times do those of us in ministry think we want a tighter show, a better quality production, more small group leaders, a seminary-trained music minister, more folks at outreach, more books and commentaries, our people to act right, a better facility, more money--WHATEVER! When what we really want is God Almighty to show Himself in our midst.

When the annointing of God is on a sermon, lives are changed.
When the annointing of God is on a music ministry, people really enter into worship.
When the annointing of God is on a small group ministry, there will be love.
When the annointing of God is on a life in the marketplace, people will come to Christ.

So, go after GOD and when He shows up, the rest of that stuff will, too.