Saturday, November 18, 2006

Prayer Request

This from our fellow IMB missionaries here in town:

Dear prayer warriors,

Because of an unfortunate auto accident here in Brazil on Friday, we need to ask for your urgent prayers for a complicated situation. Whether this should be viewed as an attack by the evil one or just unfortunate circumstances of life, we know that God can work on behalf of our and your prayers to resolve this. After having spent three days driving to arrive in Campinas, São Paulo, during which Mark had two very encouraging meetings with Brazilian leaders who are excited about being a part of Project Sedi, Mark was in the process of preparing the studio for doing the beginning taping of the project. He realized that he was dangerously tired, so he asked the pastor who was working with him if he would be willing to drive the car. An unlicensed and undocumented motorcylist ran into the side of the car, and was taken to the hospital with a scraped leg. In Brazil, because the motorcyclist was injured, he becomes the victim and our pastor friend, Vladmir, is considered to be the agressor, even though the young man was clearly in the wrong. Here is where it gets complicated: This young man could file suit against Vladmir, since he was the driver of the vehicle. Also, as the owners of the vehicle, the mission is not cleared until the driver is cleared. And finally, our supervisor said that as a foreigner in this country, Mark’s career as a missionary in Brazil could be jeopardized. We ask that you pray that Pastor Vladmir be exhonerated of all responsibility for this accident. Pray that the motor cycle driver would heal quickly, and that no legal action would be registered against Vladmir, the mission, or Mark. As you know, we are preparing to fly to the US on Tuesday evening to attend our son’s wedding. Tuesday morning Mark has an appointment to meet with the police to do the final paperwork for this accident. (Friday the photographer was not “in” at the police station, and Monday is a holiday.) Please pray for a speedy and complete resolution of all these issues.

Gratefully yours,
Diane Ellis

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