Friday, May 19, 2006


I'm about to get his with a tripple whopper, folks! June contains not only my 11th wedding anniversary, but Father's Day and Brazilian Valentine's Day. And so the big question for the day:

A video game isn't romantic enough, a good Christian book isn't big enough, a sweater is just too practical, I don't have time to learn to knit a scarf.
I need your ideas. There are about 350 of you people reading this--someone is bound to come up with something.

Leave your ideas in the comments page. To do this click on the word "comments" below and type your comment in the text box that pops up. The easiest thing is then to check the "anonymous" button and hit the "publish" button. You can always sign your name in the bottom of the comment if you don't want it to really be anonymous.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed a fanny pack last year for father's day
fred w

Anonymous said...

I think a good Christian book is a good idea. Chuck Swindoll has a series on Great Lives. Beautiful books, great stories.

Anonymous said...

We gave my dad a new cell phone las year he liked it.
Age 8

Anonymous said...

The traditional gift for the 11th ann. is steel and the modern one is fashion jewelry. Jim suggested a huge Swiss Army knife to wear on a lanyard aroud his neck, probably not the best idea in the world!
Love, Jean

Anonymous said...

I love you Blake

Uncle Bill said...

Does Jeff like church history? How about a biography of somebody like Luther or Wilberforce or John Owen or Charles Spurgeon? (I would suggest that you avoid Joel Osteen's "Your Best Life Now"...)

Anonymous said...


Having lived there and being a father, I say you should either take him to dinner at the fancy steak place at the top of the best mall (what's it called?) in POA, you know the one that smells like aged beef and lets you watch them grill it,or take him to german brunch at the old house on the hill restaurant which is to your right on top of a hill several miles past Dois Irmaos... if you stop at the sandwhich shop/backery on the right after DI they can direct you... if it's still there (we've been gone 10 years)... it's at the turnoff to "Batatental" a german colonia to the right (of course it's not marked...) as far as a gift, get him a silver bomba with his name engraved on the back, found in better jewelry stores in POA... by the way are you in the former Sutton apt or Hipps apt? say hi to all there esp the Ijui folks from the old days... and who's in our house in NH?

Stan O-H in Bogota

Cam Dunson said...

WOW--what great ideas!!
The bomba is a definate possibility, if I can ever figure out how to cure a cuia without it molding first.
I think I know the restaurant in the mountains to which you refer. It's our regular stop when we take visitors up there.
We have one family in NH now, I don't know if they live in your house or not. They're Daniel and Theresa Allen, SCs for the German population in SAm.
THanks so much,

Cam Dunson said...

Uncle Bill,
What, no Joel Osteen?!

Anonymous said...

Cam- the secret to the cuia is BOILING WATER, BOILING WATER, BOILING WATER... fill it w/ the water and let it sit til the bubbles stop... most cuias are still live vegitable matter when you get them and take awhile to die... especially w/ the mold of RGS...