Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Exhausted! That's where I've been these past few months. Our February - June was absolutely gut-wrenchingly hectic. You know, the kind where you spend weeks without a break from the adrenaline of GO-GO-GO. It was largely our own faults--certainly noone else's. Praise God it's behind us and I think we learned a few things about how to not get ourselves in those fixes again.
Then, we took a much-needed vacation in the states with our families. It was a great time and I really learned alot and made some decisions that I'm sure I'll be blogging about soon.
Now we're back, refreshed, and ready to go at it again!
More on that later. . .


Anonymous said...


Glad you guys had a restful time. I subscribed to your blog with my google reader. You should check that out it is too cool. We fly out on the 28th for a much needed rest.


faceunveiled said...

Missed you! Glad to have you back! I look forward to hearing more about what you learned on your trip to the US.


Campbell Dunson said...

I figured you were the only person in the São Leopoldo area who had both the techno savvy and interest level to put me in your google reader.

I'm amazed you're online already!
I'm praying for you guys these next few weeks especially!