Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Once Upon a Time - Readiness

In my first ministry job, I had an office mate. Now this guy was INCREDIBLY BLUNT. He said exactly what he was thinking, all the time, with no flowery words or disclaimers attached. He loved God, he loved people, but he alienated most of them by being so very direct.
I never understood why people got so upset with him. Couldn't they see that he loved God? Couldn't they see that he just wanted the best for them? Didn't they know what scripture said about those who don't listen to criticism?
Anyway, every time Al corrected me, I listened, examined, prayed and, frequently, changed.
One day we were working late and I was telling Al the latest saga of my adventures as a CSDS (Christian Single Desperately Searching).
"Cam, you are so manipulative." He went on to point out how this is sin.
"No," I responded, "I'm not! I'm not at all manipulative." I then went on to explain, in depth, how very UN-manipulative I was.
Nevertheless, I took his words to heart and went home for prayer and self-examination. After MUCH prayer, and MUCH self-examination. I decided that he was really off-target and there was NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER in that particular rebuke.
Twelve years later, I was doing some mindless task at home and reminiscing on my days as a CSDS. Absentmindedly, I found myself thinking, "WOW, I was SO manipulative back then!"
Oh, my goodness. Al was right!
Why hadn't I seen it then?
The answer: I just wasn't ready to.


Alison said...

Isn't that so true about most of our hang-ups? Even when it smacks me in the face I try and justify it away. What a blessing-in-disguise to have that man in your life! Even 12 years later his words ring in your ear. Cool story. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I usually don't see my mistakes till much later. I know my need to be in control usually lands me in a mess. It's said that 'insanity is making the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome'. humm, what does that say about me!?! Don't answer that.

Kerri said...

I, too, totally relate to the sometimes not cluing in and seeing my faults until later . . . and am thankful of the times that, by God's grace alone, I'm able to detect one of my many faults in the midst of my ugliness!! Thanks for the post!

On a completely different subject, we are right on the doorstep of freighting decisions regarding our move to the lower Brazil area. I have tons of questions. If you don't mind being burdened with some questions about what to freight, what not to freight, etc., would you email me? My address is I don't have your email address, or I would have just emailed you directly.

much love,

Brasicana Girl said...

Hey, Cam!
Please, visit me.
Now I have a blog.
Mas, não tem onde pessoas que não tem blog assinar, como eu fazia quando eacrevia no seu. I signed as anonymous.
After u read this u can delete.