Thursday, May 15, 2008

Steven Wiley We Need You Now!!

In 1986 a man named Steven Wiley recorded the first Christian Rap song released on Brentwood records and then promptly disappeared.

I'm here to say now:
Steven, if you're out there, the teenagers of 1986 have grown up. We have kids now. We're trying to teach them the books of the Bible. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Everybody chant together:


Note to feedreaders: click on over and watch the video--it's worth it, especially if you're a child of the 80s like me.


faceunveiled said...

Ah- never heard that one before... this is how I learned the books of the bible.

Anonymous said...

I used the tape of Steven's to teach the Books Of the Bible to my 5 children and the 5/6th grade Sunday School class I taught years ago. Now I wanted to find it for my grandchildren and couldn't. Thanks to your blog about "RERELEASE" I have . Thank you!!! Grateful Gwandma Chariss

clownman said...

I had a cassete tape of steven wiley called poems somehow over the yrs it disapeerd. i would love to find that as it had alot of great songs of reality. I am looking if someone has the track. call 509 325-3604 thanks jim

Phyggie said...

I STILL HAVE THE CASSETTE!!! My children LOVED it and now are all GROWN and still talk about this tape!!!