Saturday, August 28, 2010

President Caveman's Pet

Blake had a reading class assignment to write about a Presidential Pet. Here's what he wrote:

One day The First Cave Girl was making beef stew when President Caveman came in and said, “We need to go to the Oga Booga Congress meeting.”

So they went. 

When they got back the First Cave Girl gasped! ”Oh my! A baby Triceratops is eating my beef stew!” And President Caveman said, “Let’s keep him” So they named him Beefy.

One day Beefy and President Caveman were hunting a Brontosaurus. President Caveman was about to spear it when Beefy fell asleep from sitting in the same position so long . His snoring was so loud that the Brontosaurus ran away. Meanwhile, the First Cave Girl was fixing a huge pot of beef stew.

President Caveman and Beefy were running after the Brontosaurus when Beefy bit the Brontosaurus’s tail. However the Brontosaurus flung Beefy off and he flew into the air and landed in the beef stew! "Wow," Beefy thought as he licked off his face, "saved by my favorite food.

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Unknown said...

oh, that is the cutest story, you should make it into a book.
Missed you BTW!