Monday, November 20, 2006

WWDE? What would Daniel Eat?

Or, When a "Foody" Fasts

I've been on a fast lately. Jeff went to the states on November 2 for 2 weeks and I couldn't help noticing that that was exactly 40 days from when I leave for the states on December 12. Combine that with my recent interest in fasting and a great little book I read on the subject and I'm off on a 40-day adventure.
Today was day 20. I actually started a few days before Jeff left. This was really good because I really needed the moral support those first few days.
The plan was the following:
3 days water only.
2 days juice/water.
2 weeks of water, vegetables, whole rice, melba toast.
Then I added tea, bread, and some oils (like in peanut butter).

The water and veggies only deal is what some call a "Daniel fast," based on Daniel's fasts in the Biblical book of the same name. He and his friends, afraid of eating non-Kosher food in Babylon, restricted their diet to vegetables and water. Later in the book, he went on a three-week fast when he ate "no rich foods." This is currently a very fashionable way to fast, because it's less painful and can be used for extended periods of time. So, basically, I'm doing my own version of a Daniel fast. I'm calling it a Daniel diet, although my goal is to get closer to God, not to actually diet.
Some observations at this point:
I've lost 4 kilos. This wasn't my intent, but I'm not complaining!
I spent days 2-4 in horrible pain. I'm so glad I didn't try and do a water-only fast for a longer time period. Apparently, some important mineral (potassium?) washed out of my cells. It was awful.
I did a lot of research on fasting before I started and it turns out this is really dangerous stuff. I'll never do a water-only fast without hearing directly from God! I'm pretty sure I was supposed to do this one, but it sure was hard. Apparently, the most dangerous part is when the fast is over. You can actually go into kidney failure if you're not careful!
I have had some pretty significant spiritual "markers" since beginning, and gotten some ideas for works, but I expect the main results to come after the fast is completed.
Anyway, my biggest surprise was what an awful faster I am. When I was younger I fasted a good deal. But then I was in college and grad school and food was not a big deal.
So, what happens when food preparation is your hobby and you put rather bizzare restrictions on your diet? You spend your days inventing delectible recipes that conform to these restrictions! Stewed plums. Grilled Portobello mushrooms. Sushi (OK, I bought the sushi). Quinua grain from the mountains of Bolivia. The World's Best Oatmeal.
I've had a blast.
I don't know that Daniel would have done it this way, tho.
I think next time it may be simpler to ask before each menu plan, "Would Daniel eat that?" Rather than try to lay out every little rule to follow in the beginning.
Anyway, that's what I'm up to these days.
If you think of it, pray for me to honor God in this venture, or maybe just to make it through Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Cam: Praying things are going well regarding the auto accident and that the cyclist is healed and not interested in demanding anything of the pastor with the damaged car.

Regarding your fasting: I pray you heed your own warnings and are careful with drastic cuts of nutrients. From my experience with fasts (me-led and God-led), I was safe during all the God-led fasts. But even with the same diet, if I was on a me-led fast, I got sick. So I'm praying for God's truest blessings upon you as you go through your days of fasting. selahV

Campbell Dunson said...

Thanks so much, SelahV!
I really appreciate it. I did post an update today and I think you'll see I learned something of the me-led vs. God-led plans during the process.

I also appreciate your linking to my blog. I've gotten a good bit of traffic from your site! I've also enjoyed reading yours!

Zito said...

Hey...Im so glad i found ur blogs! I really want to start a fast seeing its the begining of the year to get closer to God and to start my year right. I want to do the Daniel's fast and i noticed that u did it...can u help me with some tips and a menu perhaps?God bless!

Anonymous said...

Cam, thanks for what you said abt Daniel fast. Makes sense to ask "what would Daniel eat?" instead of being legalistic. I just started a fast yesterday - 14 Mar (Godly number, 7+7, I realised last night!!)And I want to do it for three weeks. My reason is to get rid of a lot of grief and pain inside that just won't seem to go. I have to fast and pray it out of me. I was so excited when I saw your blog, because you're doing what I'd love to do - missionary work and just travelling around as the Lord directs. Be blessed!

Haley Woods said...

Thankss for this