Thursday, February 07, 2008

Friends, Acquaintances, and People I Stalk - Part I, First Baptist Blogtown

I LOVE my email program! In July, we got the new Outlook version and it has the best feature. It will check for me all the blogs that I like to read and put any new posts right in my inbox (actually, right in my Feed box, which is right near my inbox. . .but I digress).
Anyway, I thought I would share those blogs with you.
Since I live on the periphery of the backwoods of Blogtown, just across the river on the other side of the tracks, my neighbors are varied. I'll introduce you to them in the order that I found them.
The real estate developer who sold me a spot in blogtown is
Guy Muse
, because of his ingeniously visual use of the blog as a medium to raise awareness/prayer support of his ministry and people group. Linda is Guy's wife.
I would consider Dorcas Hawker to be my first "friend" in blogtown, although she couldn't really be called a neighbor because her real estate is in a much more swanky part of town. I met Dorcas because we were interested in some of the same issues that would come up in the Blogtown council meetings. She had some really brilliant contributions to the discussion. She has since changed interests, as has absolutely Everyone. Else. In. All. of. Blogtown., but Dorcas and I have continued to keep in touch.
Tim Sweatman is the real reason I'm excited to have a reader in my inbox. He only posts about every three months, and I got really frustrated typing in his address over and over. Now, if he should post I know it right away!

Of course, there are some friends in blogtown that I have actually met face to face. I'm speaking here of my IMB colleagues here in South America. It's always excited to spy on them to see if we can steal their ideas see how God is working across Brazil. Chris and Melody Julian work with students in São Paulo. I'm always glad to read their posts because they remind me how glad I am I don't live in São Paulo.
Pascal and Amy Stowell are about the nicest people you'll ever meet. Being from Louisiana, I guess that's to be expected. They serve in an interior area of São Paulo state and post a lot of videos of local folks and scenery.
Ron and Alana Greenwich work in social ministries in Florianópolis and are currently digging out from under a flood which recently hit their recovery center.
New Missionaries are the best, because everything is so new and fresh and exciting. They haven't had time to settle in and get complacent. Not that ANY of US ever do THAT! The Holemans, who I haven't actually met face to face, are Peru-bound, having just arrived in Costa Rica to learn Spanish. The Everetts are notIMBers but are ABWEers, are new to Porto Alegre and they have about 18 children. Or so it seems. . .
Kerri Hamilton is a mother of 4 and prolific blogger. She and her family are headed down here sometime next year, aiding Rio Grande do Sul to take the "Fertile Crescent" title away from the Amazon area--something which was inevitable given the arrival of cable TV up there (again I digress) and the arrival of the Greens down here.
Of course, no Baptist roll would be complete without a Pastor. Pastor Curtis Hill , aka CHill, is new to Ogletown Baptist in Newark, Delaware. I've learned a lot about Ogletown and Delaware by seeing them through his Georgia eyes.
Anyway, that's a pretty complete roll call for those attending FBC Blogtown, at least the ones I know of. I'll mention a few more residents in Part 2.


Kerri said...

Hi Cam,
Your "Fertile Crescent" comment was hilarious. Thanks for a post with all the new links (new to me anyway). I look forward to checking them out when I have time (that may be a while, homeschool's hard and heavy at the moment). I'm not sure anyone has ever ventured to use the word "prolific" in connection with anything I've put my hand to before. Thanks, I think!
In His love,

J. Guy Muse said...

Thanks for the plug! I always enjoy reading your posts and would love to meet you and your "Mud Guy" someday. Did you know that Pascal Stowell is my wife's first cousin?

Campbell Dunson said...

Thanks. I am enjoying your blog and I'm glad you "went public."


Yes, I did know that about Pascal, although I don't remember how I did.
Anyway, I think we'll get to meet in July 2009 at the combined AGM.
I think.

Anh Pham said...

Great reading youur blog