Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friends, Acquaintances, and People I Stalk, Part 2

In my last post, I mentioned the members of FBC Blogtown, or at least those in my Sunday School class. Actually, I resided in this little shack on the backwoods periphery of Blogtown for over a year before I met anyone here who is NOT Baptist. (and Yes, non-Baptists, I AM aware of how creepy that sounds).

Anyway, this past November I ventured over into another area of town. I found it really interesting and now head for afternoon walks over there frequently. It all started when I decided to try to participate in NaBloPoMo and ended up joining all these groups of Mommybloggers, SuzukiMombloggers, HomeschoolingBloggers, IOnceLivedInHawaiibloggers, Expatbloggers, and so forth and so on.
Most of these bloggers had the sense to blog anonymously, so I don't know their names, but it has amazed my how interested I can be in their adventures.

Alison, a very nice soup-loving lady in San Diego, is trying to have a baby. It's amazing how complicated this can be nowadays. I understand almost none of Alison's modern-day medical acronyms, but the drama grips me nontheless.

M~ homeschools her kids and is one of the adherents of the Urban Chicken Raising movement, a phenonmenon I understand even less than Alison's infertility lingo.

Alice is one of many Erma Bombeck successors. Naming all her family members for Alice in Wonderland characters, she gets the award for most consistent use of a metaphor. Mrs. Fussypants, another, blogs over at fussypants.typepad.com. The name pretty much says it all.

Paul and Lori Vernon are Four-Square missionaries in Thailand ministering to the Ankh people. I found them on Missionary Blog Watch and have really enjoyed praying for them and their ministry.

One of the reasons I wanted to begin blogging was to reconnect with old friends with whom I'd fallen out of touch. I haven't been able to do this but twice, but I've enjoyed the two chances I've had.

The Excogitating Engineer is an old friend from grad school who actually is Baptist(an IMB MK at that), but he fit more neatly into my category of "old school friends." He's passionate about adoption and has some great insights into life in general.

One thing I really have enjoyed in my meanderings in this area of blogtown is reading the thoughts of those that are decidedly Un-Baptist. My old college friend Tim grew up Southern Baptist, and boy is he mad about it! He got so mad he's off to become an Episcopal Priest! I enjoy Tim's blog, and those he links to, because of the viewpoints I don't often get in the conservative evangelical bubble that I live in. It's kind of like watching The West Wing, ya' know?

So, folks, there you have it. My RSS Feeds folder for all to see.


Alison said...

Awe, thanks for the very nice nod. Just yesterday, my friend suggested I explain the endless acronyms I use because she is having a hard time reading. :) So thanks to my friend and you, I added an acronym list to my blog. hehe.

Unknown said...

I started blogging because I enjoyed reading a friend of mine's blog. It's such a great way to keep up with what's going on in my hometown.
As for the chickens, I have no idea what I'm doing either, but the fresh eggs taste great!