Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our Timeline

I have been homeschooling my oldest son, Blake, in 3rd grade American History. This is really the way to go with homeschooling: I send him to school all day to learn everything else and on weekends and holidays we read really entertaining books about American History. All the non-fun stuff (papers and such) we skip, because he gets that kind of thing in regular school.
We're having a really good time.
I'm particularly proud of our timeline that we're building. There were some pre-printed stickers that came in a package from the curriculum provider, but some stickers we had to make ourselves. I'm having Blake draw his own pictures for these. We've been pretty impressed with his artwork.

Captain John Smith

William Shakespeare

Magellan's Trip Around the World

Captain Kidd Becomes a Pirate

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Unknown said...

Cam, I love yawls time line. I homeschool full time. We had a time line in a book, but having it up on the wall with your son doing a lot of the drawing is great!
Keep up the good work!