Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Igreja by any other name. . .

I'm taking advantage of Parker's loooonnnng summer break to teach him his letters. We can't start our reading program until he can recognize both upper- and lower-case of all letters. He has learned some letter names in Portuguese, which makes for some interesting interchanges.

We're up to I.

Mommy: This is a Big I and this is a Little i. What's this (pointing to Big I)?

Park: EEEE!

Mom: No, it is pronounced EE in Portuguese, but we say I (aye) in English.

Park: Aye!

Mom: This is an igloo. I makes an ih sound like in igloo. What other words start with the ih sound?

Park: CHURCH! Church starts with I!

[clicking sound is heard as pieces fall into place in Mommy's brain]

Mom: Very Good! Igreja starts with I.


Kerri said...

Wow! I'm impressed and challenged. Homeschooling in 2 languages! I really can't imagine that.

I should introduce myself. I'm a new reader of yours and your husbands blogs. My name is Kerri Hamilton. We found you by doing a search. My husband and I are currently in the appointment process with the IMB . . . destination Caxias do Sul, Brazil . . . the Gauchos north of you.

What we don't know could fill an entire ocean at this point. On our current timeline we would be in language school in Campinas (i think) late this year.

Stan said...

Ariana still interchanges things as we go through her phonics programs. She really has to concentrate sometimes to think about what language she needs to be using in phonics. It will all work out. Karen P. did tell me that we have to choose which language they learn to read in first because they can't do both at the same time. Something I didn't know.
Have a great day

Campbell Dunson said...


Good to meet you! This is a really great place to raise a family and do ministry. We really enjoyed our time in orientation and Campinas. It can really be a fun time.

Yeah, I didn't worry too much about it, as long as it was the ih sound I was looking for . . .
He actually did the same thing today with J. "Daddy! Daddy starts with J!" [Daddy is Jeff]
As long as it's in his head somewhere, I guess he'll sort it out :)