Thursday, November 06, 2008

High Tech Tools for Missy's part 2 -- ITunes

5. I-Tunes With the increasing spiritism, violence and perversion on TV, many of us have gotten disgusted with the tube. We had three families here rip out the cable in the same month for this reason (we didn't decide this together, each family made the decision on their own) I heard a preacher say once that Christians don't have more intimacy from God because they were, "always in front of the hellivision and all that gives them is devilvision."
Anyway, the thing is I just love to watch TV. With I-Tunes, I can legally download shows one episode at a time and only bring into my home that which I choose. I spend about $2-4 per week on kids shows and about $5-7 per month on stuff for me. I gave Jeff a show season (Stargate Atlantis) for his birthday, which got me off the hook at the last minute.

I-Tunes is also useful for other things. You can buy songs, one at a time. No more buying a whole CD to get one song. Then you can group songs into playlists and burn them to CDs to take on the road.

You can also hear 30 seconds of any song, free. This is good for culture education for the kids. Questions like, "Mommy, who is Elvis?" or "What's RocknRoll?" or "I have to investigate what is rap music for school tomorrow" can be answered with a few searches and no committments.

You don't need an IPod to use ITunes. We just watch stuff on the computer mostly. But if you do have an IPod, then you have an instant, tremendously portable way to keep the kids occupied during car trips, doctor's appointments, siblings' suzuki lessons, etc.

BUT, the VERY BEST THING about ITunes is podcasts. Podcasts are free, downloadable audio or video files that just anyone can put out there and you can download them. Many major ministries (almost anyone with a TV or radio program) have podcasts of their broadcasts. Search for them on the store under podcasts, and then hit subscribe. Every time they post a new edisode, your computer will download it automatically the next time you open ITunes.
There are news podcasts, where you can hear 1-30 minutes of news from the states. There are kids podcasts, like Sesame Street and They Might Be Giants.
There are exercise podcasts, like Pilates on Fifth.
There are humor podcasts, like Short Cummings Audio or NPR's Car Talk Call of the Week.

You can even become a podcaster yourself and put your own recordings out there for your fans to download. I'm hoping to shortly have the September Month of Prayer for the Gaucho People videos in podcast form. Podcasting for Dummies is an excellent resource for getting started.

Well, those are the high tech tools for missys that we have discovered so far. Now if Scotty would just get that transporter up and running!

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