Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been going to Curves (Pronounced in Brazil: KUR - vays) for a month now.
I'm amazed at the results.
I've not dieted, except to not TOTALLY PIG OUT.
I had my first evaluation the other day. I've lost two kilograms (that's 4.4 pounds). I've lost centimeters everywhere (most places 1 or 2).
But the best thing of all is to see my body return. Little pieces of me are suddenly recognizable as what I remember me looking like (in college, the last time I had lots of time to look at myself).
It happened first on the apartment elevator. I looked in the mirror and suddenly saw a tricep. No wait -- 2 triceps!! My college arms were coming back!!
About a week later, I looked down at my knees. There were MY knees!! I don't know where they've been the past ten years or so but they certainly weren't there!!
I'm so excited!!
Thanks, Cur-vays!!

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